Make: micro:bit BFG Dream Jar

For World Book Day my son dressed up as the BFG. So, of course, I had to make him a micro:bit dream jar! For world book day my son is going as the #BFG complete with a #microbit glowing dream jar @microbit_edu #WBD2017 — Lorraine Underwood (@LMcUnderwood) February 28, 2017  BUILD I used the … Continue reading Make: micro:bit BFG Dream Jar

Make: micro:bit love meter

For an upcoming day at work I'm trying to come up with ideas of what students could make with a micro:bit, a button, some lights and a servo motor. Here we have: the micro:bit love meter! #microbit love meter using a #button, #neopixels and a #servo. I never win on the 1st go! @microbit_edu … Continue reading Make: micro:bit love meter