Make: micro:bit controlled indicator jacket

How I Failed I had the idea for this jacket a while ago... I started planning and designing it back in July I had lots of ideas how to make it and kept changing my mind about the best way to make it:¬† Then I even created the prototype using neopixels, conductive thread and cross … Continue reading Make: micro:bit controlled indicator jacket


MAKE: PROJECT HANOVER – Let there be light

In my previous post I described by online solution to planning in our house: This post is about the hardware side of the project. The Adafruit RGB Pixel Grid and the Adafruit Tiny Thermal Receipt Printer FAIL - First Attempt In Learning This has been a long hard journey! Some major problems: The pixel … Continue reading MAKE: PROJECT HANOVER – Let there be light

Made: Giant Scrabble Board

This popped up on my Facebook page from 5 years ago... it was a lovely little project for the spare room of our old house. Materials 10cm square tiles from E-Bay (buy a couple spare too):¬† Picture hooks Stencil Marker Ruler Spirit Level A friend Instructions Get a scrabble board! Measure, measure and re-measure the … Continue reading Made: Giant Scrabble Board