micro:bit RGB box

Last Christmas I taught my son's school algorithms by getting them to write an algorithm for some Christmas lights. The younger children had to colour in 3 boxes with 3 different colours. The older ones had to write down the time delays. The eldest group had a look at RGB values and loops. When a … Continue reading micro:bit RGB box


Updated: micro:bit sound sensing hoodie

After buying the MonkMakes sensor board: https://www.monkmakes.com/mb_sensor/ I decided to upgrade the micro:bit light up hoodie. The lights would now light up the louder it got around me! Here's the final result: https://twitter.com/LMcUnderwood/status/922583301059235840 Build The sensor board is very easy to connect using crocodile clips Using 3 different crocodile clips you connect Pin 1 of the … Continue reading Updated: micro:bit sound sensing hoodie

Make: micro:bit controlled indicator jacket

How I Failed I had the idea for this jacket a while ago... I started planning and designing it back in July I had lots of ideas how to make it and kept changing my mind about the best way to make it: https://lorrainbow.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/fail-rgb-led-indicators-for-a-cycling-jacket/ Then I even created the prototype using neopixels, conductive thread and cross … Continue reading Make: micro:bit controlled indicator jacket