I am making a 8x8x8 RGB LED cube controlled by a micro:bit

I saw a cube on Twitter a while ago and just fell in love and wanted to make my own. I was also inspired by Leeds Hackspace’s cube. Then I found Hari Waguna on YouTube. Hari was building an 8x8x8 RGB LED cube controlled by an arduino but in a really cool way that I’ve decided to copy.

Hari is using WS2812Bs and Ping Pong balls!

Check out his YouTube Channel:

Below will be a combination of tweets, blog posts and videos of my cube construction.

Post 0

8th December Ping Pong Balls arrive!

Post 1 – Coding

18th December RGB LEDs arrive super speedily from China:

31st December

Post 2 – Prototyping

Got some wire from Screwfix and started building prototype PCBs

These are the stripboards I created for the prototype:

And here’s the first prototype column in action!

I brought it to school and my Code Club had a go at coding it:

Post 2 – Prototyping

Post 2b – More Prototyping

Post 3 – Soldering

Post 4 – Failing

Post 5 – a new toy

Post 6 – Software

Post 7 – Testing, testing, testing