CUBE: Post 2 – prototyping

So the wire I ordered was completely wrong. Copper wire is WEAK! And exactly what I don't want. This week I've gone with 2.5mm wire from screwfix: We used this YouTube video as a guide on how to straighten wire. It worked really well and was LOTS of fun We then created some … Continue reading CUBE: Post 2 – prototyping


CUBE: Post 1 – Waiting and Coding

As I wait for the lights to come from China I decided to prototype the cube in lollipop sticks. Or at least the first 3 columns. This really helped me visualise problem 1 with the cube. The lights are all in one strip and each one is addressable. So I can write some code that … Continue reading CUBE: Post 1 – Waiting and Coding

Extension: Hacking the Bearables badge with a micro:bit

After my husband successfully hacked the Pimoroni Bearables badge with a Raspberry Pi: I decided to have a go and try it with the micro:bit I'm in no way an electronics whizz like him but the words i2c and CLK sounded familiar! Turns out the micro:bit does have an i2c bus! How to hack the … Continue reading Extension: Hacking the Bearables badge with a micro:bit

Updated: micro:bit sound sensing hoodie

After buying the MonkMakes sensor board: I decided to upgrade the micro:bit light up hoodie. The lights would now light up the louder it got around me! Here's the final result: Build The sensor board is very easy to connect using crocodile clips Using 3 different crocodile clips you connect Pin 1 of the … Continue reading Updated: micro:bit sound sensing hoodie