About me

I’m interested in physical computing as a way of educating students in all aspects of electronics, engineering, construction and computing. I believe building and coding your own devices is a great way to get children interested and engaged in these subjects at school. I particularly like to build and code with shiny lights! My latest project is a 1 metre 8x8x8 RGB LED Cube of lights that I’ve programmed to allow you to play 3D Snake and Pacman on.

I like to hack and build my own devices for fun. I love running computing workshops at events for children.

I once taught secondary school ICT for six years.

Once upon a time, I was a software test engineer for Microsoft and I can’t help but spot bugs in everyday life! (Sorry!)

September 2018 I am looking for part-time work or one-off workshops. I currently work 2.5 days a week at Lancaster University

Lorraine Underwood CV

I live in Yorkshire with my husband, a GP and electronics enthusiast and our two young boys. We like cheesy grins