CUBE: Post 2 – prototyping

So the wire I ordered was completely wrong. Copper wire is WEAK! And exactly what I don’t want. This week I’ve gone with 2.5mm wire from screwfix:

We used this YouTube video as a guide on how to straighten wire. It worked really well and was LOTS of fun

We then created some prototype PCB boards using stripboard, soldered the LEDs on and drilled holes for the wires to go through. We stripped the connection between the connections to make sure ground and power weren’t connected.

These are just prototypes. We are NOT creating 512 stripboards!


10pm, New Year’s Eve: Right now we’re printing a jig for the ping pong to sit in so we can accurately drill the holes into each ball. It’s taking a while… *has a drink

10pm, New Year’s Day: Galvanised wire doesn’t like to be soldered on. After sanding it a little bit I managed to get some solder to connect and we got some shiny lights. But soooo many problems! Is 2.5mm too thick? Will it look rubbish in the final cube?


Shiiiiiny lights

This cube was 100% inspired by Hari Wiguna, check out his YouTube Channel:

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