Make: micro:bit indicator jacket


Just a quick update on this project. I went through lots more ideas that all failed

  • Using neopixels and LEDs – the size difference is too much between the two lights
  • Using breadboard friendly neopixels. I had some in stock so thought I’d give it a go. No matter how carefully I tried to sew them in, thread would cross and I drained 3 batteries in one evening. This was VERY frustrating!


I went back to plan A-ish. I’m using 11 neopixels with 2 micro:bits.

The micro:bit is powered by a CR battery as are the neopixels. They share a ground connection. Red is working well but orange is not…

The remote is not shown in this video as I haven’t made it yet!


This is the code. I setup an arrow for the “always on” lights to make it quicker to turn them on.


This is my test code, manually pressing button B on the jacket to make sure it’s working.


I will add the same code under the radio blocks for receiving radio signals from the second micro:bit on the handlebars, like so (0 is right, 1 is left):



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