Make: A Superhero Cape

My son’s birthday party is coming up and in a moment of madness I decided to make capes for all his friends. He’s big into superheroes at the moment and loves a good cape.

I copied the instructions from this blog:

BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: It says no sew superhero cape but if you want

  1. The kids not to choke to death and
  2. For the capes to be washed and used again and again

You have to do a small bit of sewing.


  1. Buy a material scissors. Cutting material with a normal scissors is hell. Buy a big material scissors from a material shop, mine cost £8 and it’s worth every penny. It cuts through material like a scissors cuts through paper.
  2. Choose your superhero cape colour. I’m making multiple capes so I bought multi-pack t-shirts from Sports Direct. They worked out at £2 each. For my 5 year old a Men’s Large was about the right size to go just behind his knees. I got a pack of mediums for the small people in his class (He’s quite tall, they all look like midgets to me)
  3. Cut up the t-shirt from the bottom. Cut as far as in as the sleeves – you’re cutting these off completely. I used the back of the t-shirt so the size tag was still visible so you knew which t-shirt you should give to which midget child
  4. Cut around the front of the collar
  1. Cut the collar in the middle at the front – DO THIS. Do not be responsible for sending a child home with a choking device. The collar needs to pop open if they get themselves stuck. Velcro is your best option.
  2. Sew on some velcro to each side of the collar. I put the velcro right on the edge so there’s plenty of room for the kids to slip the cape off without opening the velcro – cause that’s what kids do. It doesn’t have to look pretty. The kids are going to love it no matter what. I used a sewing machine as I had a lot of capes to do. You can get velcro you iron on but it doesn’t wash well.

Hand out capes to children. Enjoy!

This is my (tall) almost 3 year old with a Men’s Medium – probably too long. Maybe bring the scissors to the party to make last minute alterations. But keep them safe. Those things are massive, heavy and lethal in small hands.



Kids wearing capes at the party


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