Make: a micro:bit Power Rangers light up sword


My 4 year old son loves Power Rangers. It’s his birthday in a few weeks so I decided to make him a Power Rangers sword that lights up.



I used the following equipment (affiliate link)

  1. RGB light strip
  2. micro:bit
  3. AAA JST battery cage
  4. 2 x M3 bolts


Build steps

  1. Cut 20 neopixels off the end of the strip of lights. Chop at the dotted line in the middle of the copper connection
  2. Pull out the red wire from the JST battery cage and solder another wire onto the connection. I powered the neopixels from the AAA batteries, not the micro:bit
  3. Solder the other end of this wire onto the 5V copper pad on the lights
  4. Solder wires onto the other two the copper pads – GND and DIN
  5. Wrap the other end of the wires from GND and DIN into their holes on the micro:bit
  6. Put the M3 bolt into the holes, tighten with a nut
  7. Connect the battery to the micro:bit



When the micro:bit starts up it sets up the neopixels, sets a counter to 0, sets the radio up and then builds up and flashes red – the colour of the leader of the Power Rangers (my son)

When he tilts his sword right it will build up to white – ready to battle!


When he tilts his sword several times it calls on the power of the other power rangers (blue, green, yellow, purple) and then glows red.

If a monster is nearby and shooting at the sword, it will flash red as he blocks the shots (radio signals!)


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