Make: a QR code for the office

Just before we leave work my husband and I email/text/hangout/whatsapp each other to say that we’re on the way. Having small children it’s vital to know when backup is going to arrive.
The reason for the different types of communications is that my husband never has his phone on him and if he does it’s probably not on. I call it his very expensive paper weight.

So I intend to email more often. I came up with a novel idea of remembering to email him on my way out the door. I created a QR code using the website: that will send an email to my husband with the subject “On my way”

Instead of just printing it and scanning it I’ve cross stitched the code, and it works! I’m going to frame it and stick it on my door at work so I can scan it with my phone on my way out. Is it quicker? Probably not. Is it more fun? Hell, yes.




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