Make: micro:bit step counter with rewards (the step counter)

The small size of the micro:bit lends itself to wearable tech. It’s just perfect to go on your wrist and a micro:bit watch was one of the first projects on their website:

Not wanting to mess round with velcro, tape and materials I thought of a better idea to strap a micro:bit to my wrist: on a sweat wristband! These are perfect – they fit lots of different sizes of wrists, you can get them in different colours, they’re cosy and they are the perfect width for a micro:bit. An added bonus is they are pretty cheap to buy.



  1. With a needle and thread sew the micro:bit onto the wristband.
  2. Use the pin holes to anchor the micro:bit onto the wristband securely.
  3. To stop the micro:bit from falling forward sew over the front, between the LEDs and down just to the right of the USB connector. When the lights are on you can’t see this single thread.
  4. Plug the battery pack into the JCT connector
  5. Put the wire under wristband and out the other side
  6. Sew the battery pack in place. This is tricky. I looped several times around the pack but it was still wobbly.




The micro:bit on my wrist would count my steps and when I reached a 100 it would send a radio message to the reward micro:bit and reset the counter to 0.

You need to go to the website: to access the radio blocks


Coming soon – what happens when I reach 100 steps??


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