Make: Cross stitch micro:bit

At the Raspberry Pi Birthday Party in the weekend I got to meet lots of great people. One of them was Vicky from Yorkshire who was sitting on a comfy sofa doing some crochet!

She shared the pattern for the pi with me:

Using the same website I decided to make a micro:bit cross stitch. The design was quite pixelated and I spent a long time editing it.

This is the pattern I used.

patternDownload it in PDF form


I miscounted a line at the bottom between Pin 1 and Pin 2. I miscounted the whole project and the bottom is very close to the edge and fraying!


I used beads for the LEDs to make them stand out. If you want to stitch in a frame, add the beads at the end as they get caught in a frame and pop out easily.

To do:

I might put real buttons in the button holes and haven’t decided whether to fill in the empty pin holes with white thread or not. I will post another picture of the finished project when I have it framed.



micro:bit cross stitch


micro:bit for scale

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