CUBE 6: Software

I want the cube to be programmed by children of all ages. It can be coded using makecode¬†blocks and the micro:bit. But for the lower ages, I wanted something as simple as colouring in squares in the grid. This was take-1 of using excel to code the micro:bit   And the final result


Cube: Post 4 – Failing

The first few prototype columns were wobbly but it wasn't just the weak wire. The ping pong balls were not aligning properly. We tried printing a 3d case for the ping pong balls to align the drill holes. After doing about 50 it was only then we realised they still weren't … Continue reading Cube: Post 4 – Failing

CNC Milling Machine and Laser Engraver

My husband and I were thinking about saving for a laser cutter. They are really expensive (¬£3,000+) but we REALLY want one. After lots of searching my husband decided to buy this CNC Milling Machine and Laser Engraver: It was delivered via Fedex from China with full tracking and texts. There were no extra … Continue reading CNC Milling Machine and Laser Engraver

CUBE: Post 2 – prototyping

So the wire I ordered was completely wrong. Copper wire is WEAK! And exactly what I don't want. This week I've gone with 2.5mm wire from screwfix: We used this YouTube video as a guide on how to straighten wire. It worked really well and was LOTS of fun We then created some … Continue reading CUBE: Post 2 – prototyping